Often, the most difficult step in starting a business is the second step: perhaps growing it from keeping a few chickens to expanding into a poultry farm, to becoming a country-wide supplier.


Expensive Bundle of Joy


Ben has two young children and is considering a mortgage with a deposit of £160,000.

Ben, gloomily, “It’s a big investment.”

Me, “A baby costs more. The Daily Telegraph says a child costs £227,000 to rear, if it doesn’t go to uni.”

Ben, still gloomy, “Trouble is, you can’t sell the baby.”

Biker Menace

“Why Don’t You Look Where I’m Going?”

Maybe city cyclists need to pass a highway code test, pay for a road license and display their number on the back of their bike – ready for CCTV cameras to record any breath-taking, law-breaking stupidity, and save NHS bills for themselves and their victims.