Lace by Shirley Conran



LACE.The feminist classic that defined an era

Already a legend, young, mega-watt film star, beautiful, passionate, notoriously temperamental. Four successful, sophisticated women friends in their forties have been called to the Pierre Hotel in New York to meet her.

Each of the four women has reason to hate Lili. And each of them is astonished to see the others; for they are old friends who first met in school, old friends who chare a guilty secret – old friends whose lives are changed when Lili suddenly confronts them and asks: “Which one of you bitches is my mother?”

The answer to this question – a question that has obsessed and almost destroyed Lili – is at the heart of Lace.

Lace goes to the very core of a woman’s sensibilities, ambitions, sexual needs, and desire for success in a changing world. Shirley Conran has captured the intimate secrets, the guilts, and the passions of every women who has experienced the childhood dreams of great romance – and the realities of adult life. The true subject of this spellbinding novel is femininity itself.

Lace taught men about women and women about themselves.’
The Observer

Lace gave me prolonged pleasure.’
Helen Fielding

‘As sexy and smart now as the first day it came out’
Lauren Laverne

‘There was life before Lace and life after Lace, and nothing was ever the same again. I envy anyone who hasn’t read it.’
India Knight

‘Sex, glamour and bitchery to an epic degree. Lace is the classic that secured Shirley Conran’s place in the same high-octane sorority as Jackie Collins, Judith Krantz and Jacqueline Susann, and it still thrills. It changed my life.’
J.J Salem, author of Tan Times

Lace features women you would be proud to call friends. Pick up this book and be proud to be sucked into the lives of four female characters who use their own intelligence and confidence to get ahead by themselves. I’ve loved Lace since I was a teenager and it’s still as gripping as it ever was’
Harriet Evans

‘A gorgeous, glorious, ground-breaking saga of sex, scandal and family secrets. Here is the return of an awesome blockbuster classic, fearless and fabulous. Lace is the definitive drama of passion, friendship, intrigue and betrayal. I adore it’
Victoria Fox

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